Anna Nursery – Since 1925

front page picMuch has changed over the past 90 years to the Nursery. Each year we manage over 400 acres of land and market over 225 species of trees, plants, and shrubs. We feel our products are the best in the business, partially due to the design, function, and workmanship found at our nursery.

We are a wholesale Nursery catering to professional landscapers and resellers. Feel free to download our catalog and the latest availability list.

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General Manager – Betsy Nance

Mailing Address:
Anna Nursery
PO Box 1
Cobden, IL 62920

Shipping Address:
Anna Nursery
160 Anna Nursery Lane
Cobden, IL 62920

Phone Number (618) 893-2124
Fax Number (618) 893-2125